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Gizmodo Fails to solve my iPhone problem – Created new Vodka Tonic Holder

Vodka Tonic Holder

By now I have more iPhone posts than about flash or flex but since I cannot call a client from my contact list I cannot do any flash or flex for them! I guess email would work but, dahh its more fun complaining.

Anyways, gizmodo may have come up with a solution for NEW iPhones but so far has failed to help me – and by me I mean the world. They are probably over there with their new iPhones having a “My new iPhone is working party”. Lame! cause the rest of the world still suffers. :(

If this never gets solved perhaps we should come up with new ways to use our iPhones. Here is my idea

update: How to fix / activate a @#$@! new or upgrading iPhone

Evidently this might work. I am still waiting so we’ll see. I am still pissed off tho!

Text from the site:

Have you tried to activate your iPhone to no avail? Are you holding a $299 brick in your hand? Here’s what you do. When activating your iPhone (or just upgrading to 2.0 software), if you get an error message on your phone, DO NOT UNPLUG IT. That will restart the entire process.

Instead, just wait. Leave your phone be and don’t close iTunes.

We’ve successfully activated five different iPhone 3Gs with error screens just by letting them sit plugged in for anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Hopefully that might work for you, too.

iPhone Fail! Hello 911… yes, iPhone says I can only call you now

First of all can I say I feel really stupid for actually upgrading on the first day of a software release. With Microsoft or any other company we have grown to not trust I wait weeks or months to upgrade. But this morning I am thinking… oh hey its Friday and not a lot of Flash / Flex work to do so I’ll tool around with my iPhone and upgrade. OMG MY BFF DEATH! My iPhone sits in emergency only mode with no way to recover. I get a message on iTunes that says it is my fault… how rude

We could not complete your ITunes Store Request. The network connection timed out. Make sure your (ha did you get that YOUR) settings are correct and your network connection is active, THEN try again.

I don’t know about you but I have tried again about 500 times. Click on party shuffle click back on iPhone. The more I do it the more pissed I get and want to throw my iPhone out the window.

I feel sorry for me but I feel more sorry for (well not really more sorry for) but kinda sorry for the people waiting in line right now to find out that they can buy a phone that is completely useless for the day or few hours of server down time. I bet some guy that this whole upgrade process was trusted to is being fired or promoted right now.


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